Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath (OK not that dramatic)

Well, we've gotten through the date change relatively unscathed.  Only about 12 unhappy people but I think we were able to take care of the vast majority.  With the Feds finally open for business, people are now getting to their e-mail and realizing what's going on with the event. So today is another "hold your breath and look towards happy hour" day.

Thank you to the folks who let us know they didn't agree with our policy; we had some great suggestions and you know what? We changed it.  Just like that- changed the policy.  Revised policy should be posted on the site by now. I like to think we are nimble (and not pushovers) and do our best to serve our customers and the community. 

I did receive at least one notice of legal action from an irate runner.  When I get "that" one off the wall note, I know I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and we are getting close to the end of the unhappy people.  So, he doesn't know it- but thank you for the note.  Now I know we are in the clear.

In the end, I'm a nice gal not here to steal anyone's cash.  And contrary to popular belief, I'm not stuffing my mattress with race registration fees.  I usually laugh out loud when I receive notes insinuating such . . . as I am sitting in my 1960s rented apartment with peeling wallpaper and decade old MARLO furniture. . . . or driving my Saturn with the cracked windshield.

What does get me mad is when they send ugly notes to my momma.  Don't mess with Pat!

Honestly, I don't take any of it personally.  And 99% of the time when I write back and admit a mistake or explain myself, I suddenly turn human to these people and have even developed friendly e-mail relationships with a few.

Although, to the woman who thinks I should have offered multiple snow dates . . . I can't help you. And the guy who wants to report me to the Better Business Bureau. . . well, let me try to remember the last time I checked with them before I registered for an event.  Or my favorite  . . . "that it was my choice" to change the race.  Really? Like I brokered a deal with Mother Nature to drop 30+ inches of snow? True, I was bored and decided to change the race date; you got me- guilty as charged.

And an oldie but goodie:
To the guy who was mad at me because I didn't tell him personally that his timing tag was to go on his shoe and not around his wrist and that my detailed instructions that accompanied the timing tag was like having "instructions on a condom wrapper- not really the opportune time to educate someone on how to use the thing" . . . well, your forwarded e-mail offered plenty of comic relief for my race director friends.

Hey- "disgruntled but now happy" runner just e-mailed me back- I'll see her at the Four Courts Race. Life is good.

- Kathy

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  1. they have instructions on condom wrappers? who knew....