Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Villain to Best Friend

Today was supposed to be the Love the Run You're With 5K.  The roads look "ok" but not great so good call by Arlington County.  I've also heard about a bunch of other race cancellations- GW Birthday 10K obviously, the DCRRC marathon,  and the Myrtle Beach marathon.  

So, instead of tearing down barricades and cones in the cold, I am at home watching HGTV and hoping my valentine is stopping by Starbucks to pick up some chai lattes after his AM run. Hey! There's Erika Rhoades on HGTV's "Designed to Sell". . . she's a local DC runner and marathoner.  Pretty cool.

Well, today is the day I become the most popular person in the DC running community.  Yesterday, the GW Parkway Classic 10 Mile sold out and in the coming days I'll be receiving desperate e-mails from "old friends",  "friends of friends of friends", "elites that are not so elite" . . . you name it. 

I discussed this phenomenon with Cherry Blossom Race Director Phil Stewart . . . Mr. December if you will since his race lottery takes place a few weeks prior to the new year.  "You wouldn't believe how many friends I have!" Phil exclaimed when I saw him at the Hall Steps reception in mid-December just as the lottery results were being posted.  I checked- Phil only has 162 friends on Facebook.  Well, 163 if he accepts our friendship.  So, if you think you can get into Cherry Blossom by boasting yourself as a friend of Phil's you better legitimize your relationship AT LEAST on the world's leading social media site. Just saying.

Why the sell out? Well, there are a few reasons . . . the largest, the National Park Service and our permit.  And while my valentine always thinks there is room for one more, I'm more concerned with keeping our friendly rangers happy and abiding by their rules.  Don't let those ranger hats fool you.  They are serious about their jobs.

Also, we have to bus all these people to the start . . . do you know how difficult it is to bus 5,000 people 10 miles away? If you were in line to get on a bus last year, then you probably understand how crazy it is (note: we have a new bus plan this year that includes about 20 more buses).  

And finally- we are not here to be the next Cherry Blossom (of course, no offense to my "hopefully" new Facebook friend, Phil).  We want to be the best boutique race company in the DC area; not the biggest.

So, yesterday I was a villain and today I have new best friends.  For the record, I have 445 friends on Facebook.  Well, hopefully 446 after I hear back from you-know-who.


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