Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting for the mats to be pulled out from under us

Yesterday, I received the news I was half expecting/half not expecting to hear from Arlington County: no race on February 14.  It makes sense; even if there is sunshine these guys are dog tired from working 24/7 the last few days and are still on emergency patrol which means there is no one available to work. 

When you work with a County as often as we do, we need to keep them happy.  We don't consider the County our vendors, but partners.  We also don't forget they have a monopoly on the roads either.  And if they can't do it- well, we simply can't make it happen.

In the first time in the history of Pacers Events, we have been able to reschedule an event. So now, the Love the Run You're With 5K is on February 28th.  This is no small feat; most municipalities don't allow rain dates.  But our police department doesn't want to be the party spoiler and suggested a later date to allow their crew to catch up and rest up (hence the 28th date). This is certainly a huge concession by the County and we are terribly thankful.

Since we've announced the date change, we've received numerous e-mails, most good, some so so, and some you just have to throw your hands up in the air and ignore.  

When we send out changes to an event, such as yesterday's date change announcement, we sit for a few hours with our hands over our eyes waiting for the e-mails to come in -- the first couple are usually asking for clarification, the next few express their "disappointment", and then we tend to get a nasty e-mail or two.  When you think you've made a wrong decision on a policy, a nice note will pop through . . . like the one I just got from Jennifer Norris congratulating us on making the date change happen and letting us know she'll be at the race.

We know what we do is not a matter of national security, or a life or death situation. But it's what we do and we want to be the best we possibly can be. And sometimes you can't make everyone happy; that's usually the hardest to swallow though.

Changing a race date less than a week out is a feat not many can accomplish which we attribute to Arlington County and our strong relationship with the police department-- so we might pat ourselves on the back a little bit but are giving a standing "O" to Arlington County.

Hope to see you at Love the Run You're With 5K Take Two.


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