Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love the Run from Mumbai

Well, congrats to the "crew" (our term of endearment for the Pacers Events staff) on a job well run . . . I mean done.  Sorry, bad pun. 

I was actually in India during the race . . . Jaipur to be exact . . . while you 1300+ lovely runners were braving the cold at the Love the Run You're With 5K. 

 I had a vacation planned for the end of February and with the date change there was not much I could do other than lose my ticket and much needed vacation . . . can you hear the guilt in my post . . . I was kept abreast by a string of text messages from various people along the course so I felt like I was there (but obviously, in MUCH nicer weather).

I will say I did "run" virtually along with several of your fellow competitors.  And run is a very loose term since there really is no place to "run" in Jaipur. So, I counted my time on my feet touring the Pink City.  This was after we spent time taking pictures with 60+ elephants painted and dressed for the Holi festival. And this was also before maybe one or two or . . . hum . . .Kingfisher beers by the pool.  Hey- I told you I was on vacation!

As you can probably tell (oops, and already told you), I have a little bit of guilt about missing the event. Well, maybe not guilt but more bummed I missed the party. I'd reckon this is how an absentee-but-well-intentioned father feels . . . ok, probably not as bad.  And I really don't know how that would feel because a) I'm not a dad and b) my dad has worked at practically every Pacers Event (parents = cheap labor). 

Talking about dads, my dad is the guy at the turn around.  If you've noticed, our turnarounds are engineered to a tee which makes sense since my dad is, well, an engineer.  He puts a lot of thought into it and I am convinced he stays up at night drafting CAD drawings, mapping GPS coordinates, and whatever else engineers do to determine where his coveted 10 cones will be placed.  

So, a pair of Feetures! socks to the first person who comments on this blog post and can tell me what Mr. Dalby's first name is (hint: it rhymes with Harry). And if you've given a high five to Mr. D while you are out on the course then you are a good person in my book.

So, while this post is a little late (I am waiting for my connection in Amsterdam) I'd love to know how you think it went.  A huge shout out again to our crew- stand in race director Lisa, our staff coordinator Kristen, my love- Chris, my mom- Mrs. D (a pair of socks if you can tell me her name), Jamie and Don our course peeps, Marc,  Kristen's crew, the Farley Srs., the crew from PR, Mr. D, Chris, Erik, Sheena, Terry, Dionna, Andre, Heather, Robbie, Katie, JENNA (the monkey), Randy, Brian Knight, Arlington County, Sandy, the boys from Albany, our friends from AU and our favorite assistant coach, Bridget, and of course our awesome AMBASSADORS.

 And for anyone I've missed- my apologies.  I blame it on the Kingfisher.


Next race: Four Courts Four.  Sell out imminent. 


  1. I worked the water stop right before the turn around and looked like everyone had a great time, sorry you weren't able to be there!

    I'm going to a stab at it and say Larry...and I'm pretty sure your mom is Pat...

  2. Mr. Dalby-Gary, Mrs.Dalby-Pat. The race was fabulous and the comments I heard that day and following were all positive! And you, Kathy were missed but the team you put together was great. I especially enjoyed working packet pick-up with Jamie, Kristen, Lisa, Gary, Pat and fellow ambassador BethAnn. The monkey race shirts are too cute!

  3. Darn Kingfisher! You missed me :( ...and I want a monkey shirt ;) See you soon!