Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Better late. . .

Well, it's only been about nine months since I last updated this blog. I guess a lot has happened but better yet - a lot more is happening in the coming days and months.

We (well, really Jeremy and Erik) are prepping for Turkey Trots tomorrow. We'll be at three trots tomorrow (Arlington, VA Run, and Laurel).  All but one is sold out and has been sold out for days.  

I'm often heard saying that timers on Thanksgiving are like finding babysitters on New Year's - book early.  Since I last blogged, I am happy to say that our good friends Jeremy Lowry and Erik Kean (Pacers Alumni) have returned from their travels (Ohio and Wyoming - well Pacers Fairfax really- respectively) and are now timing full time.  We are calling this timing outfit RaceDC timing  . . . look out for some cool stuff we'll be doing in the near future with RaceDC.

So, right now Jeremy and Erik are knee deep in timing, as is Jeremy's brother, Jared, who will be timing the Laurel race. You'll see me at VA Run taking orders from Erik (sometimes it feels so good NOT to be in charge).

Considering the popularity of Turkey Trots, we are currently in talks with Falls Church to host a trot next November.  It'll run from Cherry Hill Park and in and around the quaint neighborhoods of Falls Church.  Turkey Trots to me have always been about community and neighbors and what better place to have a trot than the adorable City of Falls Church?  The ink isn't signed yet and there is still a lot of work to be done and approvals to obtain but we have some great partners with the Falls Church Education Foundation and the police department. So, anyone excited for a possible trot in Falls Church?

Our wake call is at 4:45am tomorrow so I'm going to sign off. Eat up, enjoy your AM run (wherever that might be) and have a great Thanksgiving. 


Jeremy & our friend, Paul from Bazu Sports, timing the MoCo County XC Champs

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